Useful Links

Here are a few interesting links to other blogs or websites that I like to use.


Classics Collective publishes news about the classical world and other interesting bits and pieces. They also have a Twitter account.

You can keep up to date with the University of Exeter’s Classics Society on their blog here.


Pegasus is the departmental journal for Classics & Ancient History at the University of Exeter. It comfortably straddles the boundary between academic journal and departmental newsletter.

Perseus has a good selection of online translations and a language tool that has helped many a Latin/Greek student in recent years (including yours truly). Be wary of elderly translations, though!

The University of St Andrews currently hosts a fantastic research group that investigates the literary interactions at play in the age of Nerva, Trajan, and Hadrian. Their website has a wide variety of interesting materials including working papers, databases, and future conference information.

The Latin Library gives access to a massive range of Latin texts (in the original – not a translation) without having to pay a penny. These editions aren’t up to date but can give you the chance to practice your Latin or get access to a usually reliable text.


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